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Concentrate Rigs – One Notch Better than Bongs

dab rigs
Concentrate rigs are also known by the name of dabbing rigs or oils rigs. They’re considered to be the next level when it comes to smoking – for the simple reason that they carry strength incomparable with the traditional bong. Of course, there are those who have no problem combining their bong with concentrate rigs and getting the benefits of both combined. Either way, you’ll find yourself getting stronger hits and making the most out of your equipment.

Concentrate Rigs Online

One of the reasons people steer away from oil rigs is due to the intimidating price of both the weed and pipe. You should know however that they’re not as expensive as you would think. Many rigs are as cheap as $11 – cheaper than the typical bong downstem. Like other bong parts, they’re also available in different sizes and made from varying materials. Again, glass is the most popular option, but this doesn’t always have to be the case.

dabbing rigs

You Dab Rig Options

A dab rig is essentially made up of a glass chamber that’s filled with water. It has a male and female downstem attachment together with a nail that contributes to the structural effectiveness. Pay close attention to the nail because this can actually affect the overall flavor of your weed hits. The most common type is glass which is always a good option – but they’re prone to breaking. For replacement, you can choose among quarts, ceramic, or titanium. Quartz is often a favorite for many users because it lasts long without contaminating the cool and clean flavor of your smoke.

How Does It Work?

To use concentrate rigs, you start by vaporizing your favored concentrate herb on the nail until they’re of pure texture. From there, you inhale them and get the full effects without harming the throat. This is why your choice of nail is terribly important since they will taint the concentrate when burning. Note that concentrate rigs don’t come with a torch – but you should definitely buy a high quality one to properly heat the concentrate. Ideally, the torch should be able to maintain heat between 550 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit so you’d get that satisfying vaporization results.

The internet is currently filled with concentrate rig products to help you make your choice. Remember: you can opt to buy a separate rig or have one attached to your present bong. Thanks to the cheap cost of these rigs, you have the chance to buy both and compare the two with each other before making a decision.
Cheap concentrate rigs

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