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Advantages of Using Bongs

glass bongs

Bongs have been around for many centuries now. Today, they are commonly used to smoke tobacco and cannabis in certain parts of the world. But why do some people choose bongs over pipes, cigarettes, joints, or blunts for smoking? What are the advantages of using bongs nowadays?

Glass Bongs

1. Bongs give a smoother and cleaner hit.
This is the main benefit of bongs. The smoke from cigarettes, joints, and blunts is not filtered; therefore, the smoke you inhale includes larger particles which can be irritating to the throat and lungs. Bongs or water smoking pipes instead use water filtration. The smoke travels in a water-filled chamber which filters out large particles like tar, ash, and even butane gas from your lighter. In addition, the water chamber cools down the smoke temperature. A cool and well-filtered smoke results in a smoother smoking experience. Smoking using bongs is thus healthier than with pipes and cigarettes.

2. Bongs come in different sizes and forms.
Some bongs can be quite bulky, making them hard to transport. However, they have since been available in different sizes. Smaller bongs give shorter hits and may require frequent water changing, but they can be more easily transported. Bigger bongs give larger hits but they can be difficult to transport. Also, bongs can fit everyone’s budget. The cheapest are the ceramic bongs which can be homemade. Acrylic bongs are also cheap and ideal for first-timers whereas glass bongs are pricier. Bongs that have glass on glass parts without any metal components are even more expensive but glass on glass bongs prevent the metal parts from affecting the aroma and taste of the smoke.

3. You get to enjoy the active substances of the herb.
Without the ash, tar, and unnecessary gases, you are able to enjoy the active substances of cannabis or tobacco. Smoking with bongs results in a more satisfying feeling.

As long as you clean your bong and replace the water every day, you are sure to maximize its benefits.

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