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LambStore – Bongs

Welcome to LambStore – Bongs! With the experience I have accumulated over the past five years or so it would be crazy selfish to not direct the new users of bongs to the best and cheapest head shops around. Carry on read to find the best places to buy bongs online at the cheapest places. Whether you live in Canada, the USA, UK, or anywhere in this glorious world, we have an online bong shop that is perfect for your needs!



Head Shop, What are They?

It doesn’t matter what your level of knowledge is on bongs, you will need to find a good place to buy a bong such as If you just randomly search online and use any old head shop you could run into some serious problems and later coming to regret not taking the advice of this wise blogger! I have used many, so far I haven’t had any bad experiences luckily, but no matter where you get your bong from, or any product for that matter, things can go wrong. So what is a smoker to do?! Well this is where good customer service comes in, I recommend you visit the previously linked to shops such as and, these are my favorite places to buy water pipes

I want to learn about these ‘bongs’!

Well then, I recommend you to checkout the rest of my blog here at LambStore, or maybe a few YouTube videos as visual demonstrations are much easier than reading text. To make things easy you should buy a glass bong for the best possible smoking experience. There are also many online forums you could checkout such as 420Guide and RIU, some really nice helpful people there! I would recommend to keep educated on smoking as many people tend to forget the harm, but if you use a bong you can at least make it a little better.
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